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Fire Explorers

In 2007, the Woodbury Fire Department began to charter a Fire Exploring Post. This post is dedicated to introducing its members to the technical and team-oriented skills used in the vocation of firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services (EMS).

The group meets on most Monday evenings throughout the year. Each of these meetings focuses on hands-on firefighting and EMS training, and prepare the Explorers for participation in various competitions, and real-world firefighter activities. In 2010, the Woodbury Post won the Governor’s Cup – a statewide Fire Explorer competition held at the State Fair.

The training follows the firefighter training curriculum taught to rookie firefighters throughout the nation, and covers a broad range of emergency skills, including fire suppression, salvage and overhaul, search and rescue, and emergency medicine.

In addition, Fire Explorers serve the department and the community by participating in public education events, block parties, parades, drills and many other Fire Department activities. They also are eligible to respond to certain calls to support real-world fire ground operations!

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