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Police Reserves

reservespicThis volunteer program puts regular citizens on the street, in uniform, to supplement the Woodbury Public Safety team. The Police Reserves work directly with sworn police officers, enhancing safety in our community.

The reserves are staffed by a group of dedicated men and women from varied occupations and provide at least 10 hours of service each month. Reserve officers do not carry firearms and do not have the authority to make arrests, but they do serve in critical roles that enhance the work of Woodbury's sworn police officers.

reservesThe Police Reserves provide extra eyes and ears on the streets for the Woodbury Police Department. The unit is also subject to community callouts and special details, such as community events and providing additional security following natural disasters. The opportunities to give back to the community and gain great experience are virtually endless.

Interesting experiences

  • Prisoner transports to jail or treatment centers
  • Vehicle search and inventory
  • Crime scene security
  • Vehicle lockouts/motorist assists
  • Animal control
  • After-hours park patrol

Great training

  • Police procedures
  • Self defense and safety
  • First aid and CPR
  • Accident/crime scene management
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Community relations

Applications are accepted when reserve officer position(s) need to be filled.  After the application acceptance period is closed, interviews will be established and the position(s) will be filled. Applicants are subject to a structured review process. Finalists will undergo an in-depth background evaluation, along with other assessments.

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