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Campaign Sign Regulations

In an effort to treat all political candidates consistently and fairly, the City of Woodbury has developed a process to enforce regulations related to political campaign signs.

The regulations govern placement of signs and the length of time they may be displayed. While the city can decide where signs are permitted, state law dictates the length of time they may be up. The rules apply to all candidates, regardless of whether they are seeking school, city, county, statewide or national offices.

Signs are prohibited on property owned by the city, county and school district(s). Permission must be obtained prior to the placement of signs on private property. If signs are placed on private property adjacent to city-owned right-of-way, they must be located at least five feet from the curb or shoulder of the road. You must receive permission to place signs on any private property.

Signs are prohibited from the right-of-way along county roadways (e.g. Radio Drive, Valley Creek Road, and Woodbury Drive), state roadways (e.g. Manning Avenue and Century Drive) and interstate roadways (e.g. I-94).

If the city finds a violation, the signs will be moved to the City Hall trash enclosure on the east side of the building. Signs will be disposed of 10 days after the election. It is illegal to remove campaign signs from the private property of others.

Candidates must take down signs within 10 days after the election. On Election Day, candidates may not distribute literature or post signs inside polling places or within 100 feet of any building in which a polling place is located or anywhere on the public property on which the polling place is located. Signs must be removed from this area prior to Election Day.

Questions concerning campaign sign placement should be directed to Matt Novak, Code Enforcement Officer, at (651) 714-3543 or