Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

The Woodbury Police Department is now participating in the Minnesota Commerce Fraud pilot program for preventing the theft of catalytic converters. 

Through the program, residents will receive labels that will  permanently mark their cars catalytic converters with unique ID numbers. Instructions for people to etch their converters themselves are included with the label kit or residents will take their labels to partnering shops in Woodbury who will use a solution to permanently etch the number into the metal.

Once registered, the unique number allows law enforcement to trace a converter back to a specific vehicle if a converter were to be stolen and later recovered. Participants will be asked to register their label numbers when they are received. Learn more about the Catalytic Converter Pilot Program.  

The Woodbury Police Department cannot apply the numbers to the converters but will be distributing the labels through pick up events.  

Eligible Vehicles

At this time, we are ONLY accepting applications for owners of the top 15 vehicles targeted for catalytic converter theft, listed below: 

Chevrolet ExpressHonda ElementMitsubishi Eclipse
Ford EconolineHonda OdysseyMitsubishi Lancer
Ford F250Hyundai Santa FeMitsubishi Outlander
Honda AccordHyundai TucsonToyota Prius
Honda CRV *2017 and olderKia SportageToyota Tundra

Registration Form 

Demand for these kits is extremely high. If you own one of the vehicles listed above, we encourage you to sign up below to be added to our waiting list. As we receive more kits, we will notify you via email that a kit is available for pick-up at the Public Safety Building. 

Catalytic Converter Label Program

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  2. Tennessen Warning

    This information is being collected to register the CatGuard label with the vehicle it will be installed upon along with the vehicle’s garage location.   The information on this form will be provided to RetainaGroup, the manufacturer of the labels, to ensure each label is registered.  That information will subsequently be available to law enforcement.  You do not have to provide this information; however, you are not eligible to receive a label without providing this information. This information will be used to measure the effectiveness of the program.   

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