Community Engagement Strategy

Community Engagement Resources Guide Cover featuring diverse faces of our communityAs the City of Woodbury continues to grow and becomes more diverse, fostering an inclusive and welcoming community is paramount to the city's continued success. It is important to create a welcoming, safe and connected environment. This community engagement document is established to serve as a resource as we build community engagement plans to listen with purpose and understanding.

In March 2022, the City of Woodbury partnered with professional third-party services to assist with the development of this resource. The city is grateful for the time, stories and insights from community members that helped shape this document.

This resource incorporates the city’s shared values, principles, and commitments around equitable community engagement, and is offered as a living document to support both traditional and innovative outreach, engagement and authentic listening.

Community Engagement Commitment

The City of Woodbury is committed to creating a sense of belonging and connectedness, building relationships, communicating openly, and creating opportunities for active participation with any one who lives in, works in and visits Woodbury.

Equity Commitment

The City of Woodbury is committed to removing barriers, addressing disparities, and ensuring that residents have access to the resources they need in our community.