Compliments & Complaints


If you have had a positive experience involving one of our employees and you believe the employee should be recognized for their performance, please send an email or call 651-714-3600.

Concerns or Complaints

The Woodbury Police Department takes all concerns and complaints regarding the services provided by the departments and its officers seriously. 

Concerns are allegations about a personal interaction with a police officer and are resolved internally. Complaints include allegations of misconduct or improper job performance that, if true, would constitute a violation of department policy, state law or federal law. Complaints may be referred to outside agencies for investigation and/or criminal prosecution.

The first step if you have a concern or complaint is to contact a supervisor at Woodbury Public Safety. You can reach a supervisor by sending an email or calling 651-714-3600. The supervisor will gather all relevant information, discuss the situation and help determine if you have a concern or complaint.