Fence Ordinance Summary

  1. A fence up to 6 feet in height may be erected on the rear lot line, the side lot lines and return to the nearest front corner of the principal building.
  2. A fence not exceeding 4 feet in height may be erected on the side lot lines forward of the front corner of the principal building.
  3. Fences in excess of 30 inches in height extending across front yards are not permitted in residential platted areas.
  4. No fence shall be constructed in a manner that would block the view of vehicular traffic or restrict snow plowing of streets.
  5. Fences may be placed up to property lines. It is the owner's responsibility to verify the location of the property lines.
  6. The side of the fence considered to be the face (the finished side) shall face adjoining property.
  7. Barbed wire fences are not permitted in platted areas.
  8. All fences shall be properly maintained with respect to appearance and safety.
  9. Swimming pools must be protected by a fence at least 4 feet high, with a self-closing, self-latching lockable gate, built so that a 4-inch sphere cannot pass through.
  10. It is suggested to have a surveyor locate property lines before installing fences. The city does not have surveyors on staff to perform this service.