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Changes to Woodbury Housing and Property Maintenance Code

Recently approved by City Council, an updated Housing and Property Maintenance Code expands the current rental licensing program to include licensure of single dwelling units let for rent, leased or otherwise occupied as a rental dwelling in the City of Woodbury with few exceptions.  

Why is the rental licensing program expanding?

Licensing residential rental properties helps to ensure the continued health, safety and welfare of all residents who live in rental properties and surrounding neighborhoods. Everyone deserves a healthy and safe home environment.  

The focus of the rental licensing program is to help maintain the quality and stability of rental housing which will aid in the preservation of the value of land and buildings throughout Woodbury. Licensing all residential properties, along with updates to the Housing and Property Maintenance Code, will provide strategies to proactively address deterioration and prevent blight within all areas of the city. 

What benefits will come from the program's expansion?

A rental licensure program requires that landlords acknowledge their responsibilities as property owners in Woodbury and allows the city the ability to identify and interact with landlords. Through these interactions the City will have the opportunity to provide beneficial training, to build valuable partnerships, and promote safe, healthy and well-maintained rental housing in the community.

The rental licensing process requires annual review of each property which may alert landlords to property maintenance issues before they become severe and motivates them to perform preventative maintenance on their properties.

The City of Woodbury Housing and Property Maintenance Code provides minimum standards for all properties to promote the health, safety and welfare of persons in the city.

View the Woodbury Rental Housing Presentation to Learn More about the Proposed Expansion of the Rental Licensing Program