Destination: Woodbury

Destination Woodbury LogoWoodbury attracts thousands of non-residents each year to its unique amenities like the sports center, Central Park and Eagle Valley Golf Course, as well as its shopping, medical care and dining opportunities. As the economic and recreation hub of the east metro, the city assembled a task force to study ways to attract more visitors and encourage visitors to extend their stays and further support the local business community through the creation of a destination marketing organization (DMO).

In November 2022, the City Council voted to enact a 3% lodging tax on most Woodbury hotel stays beginning in April 2023. Per state law, these resources can be used only for attracting visitors to the community. The City Council will oversee the funds.

The collection of the Woodbury Local Lodging Tax is being completed by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Visit for more information.

Throughout 2023, the DMO Task Force created a name, logo/brand, strategic plan and marketing communications plan for the new DMO, Destination: Woodbury.

Apply for the Destination Marketing Manager position.