Bielenberg Drive and Currell Boulevard Rehabilitation Project

The City of Woodbury is planning a roadway rehabilitation project for Bielenberg Drive from Guider Drive to Valley Creek Road and for Currell Boulevard from Bielenberg Drive to Valley Creek Road for construction in 2024. On Bielenberg Drive, the proposed scope includes rehabilitation of the roadway pavement, spot curb and gutter panel replacement, trail pavement replacement, consideration for the addition of a trail segment along the west side of the road between Guider Drive and Currell Boulevard, and rehabilitation of existing utilities as needed. Traffic signal and intersection operations at Bielenberg Drive and Valley Creek Road are being reviewed in conjunction with Washington County Public Works Department. If these improvements are identified, the project may extend south to Afton Road as appropriate. Landscaping and lighting improvements are also being considered.

On Currell Boulevard, it is proposed to rehabilitate the roadway pavement, replace spot panels of curb and gutter, consider the addition of a trail along the south and west side of the road, and rehabilitate existing utilities as needed.

View Location Map Here (PDF)

Tentative Project Schedule 

Action Item Date
Consultant Selection & Authorize Preparation of Preliminary Report April 12, 2023
Neighborhood Meeting #1 June 2023
Neighborhood Meeting #2 August/September 2023
Public Improvement Hearing, Order Project, Approve Preliminary Reports, Authorize Preparation of Plans & Specifications September 2023
Open bids January 2024
Neighborhood Meeting #3 February 2024
Assessment Hearing & Award Contract March 2024
Neighborhood Meeting #4 – Construction Information April 2024
Construction 2024

Special Assessments

Special assessments are a charge imposed on properties for a particular improvement that benefits the owners of property adjoining the project. They are a levy a city uses to finance, or partially finance, a particular public improvement. The amount of the charge bears a direct relationship to the value of the benefit the property receives. Initial estimated assessment amounts will be updated once the scope is better defined and a Preliminary Report is prepared for the project prior to the Public Improvement Hearing.

Special Assessment FAQ's (PDF)