Roadway Rehabilitation 2025

A roadway rehabilitation project in the Fox Run Area neighborhood is planned for 2025. 

The primary objective of the project is to replace aging road and curb surfaces throughout the neighborhood and improve storm sewers. Additionally, traffic patterns and potential traffic calming solutions will be studied and addressed during the reconstruction as appropriate. The addition of trails and sidewalks to improve the connectivity of the neighborhood to local and city-wide facilities will also be considered.

Provide feedback

The city is currently gathering information related to the existing sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, roadway, and trail infrastructure to determine the extent of the work necessary to maintain this infrastructure with the project.

Neighborhood input is valued as part of this process to ensure any issues, concerns and ideas are reviewed for consideration as appropriate with the project. Your input will be used to determine issue areas and formulate the appropriate project scope.

More details on the project scope will be determined based on neighborhood feedback and further infrastructure review.

Tentative Project Schedule

DateAction Item
August 2023Collect neighborhood feedback
September 2023Authorize preparation of preliminary report
Fall 2023Neighborhood Meeting No. 1
May 2024Neighborhood Meeting No. 2 - pre-public hearing
June 2024
  • Approve preliminary report
  • Public improvement hearing
  • Order project
January 2025Open construction bids
February 2025Neighborhood Meeting No. 3 - pre-assessment hearing
March 2025
  • Assessment hearing
  • Award contract
April 2025Neighborhood Meeting No. 4 - pre-construction
May 2025Begin construction
October 2025Complete construction

Special Assessments

A special assessment is a charge imposed on properties for a particular improvement that benefits the owners of those selected properties. They are a levy a city uses to finance, or partially finance, a particular public improvement. The amount of the charge bears a direct relationship to the value of the benefit the property receives. 

Preliminary reports are being prepared to determine the estimated cost and project scope.