Name a Street Sweeper Contest

The City of Woodbury’s Public Works Department is unveiling a new street sweeper this fall in partnership with South Washington Watershed District and Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. As part of the Enhanced Street Sweeping Program, the sweeper will promote the health of Woodbury’s environmental and water resources by removing phosphorus that collects on roadways before it enters the stormwater system. Woodbury residents are invited to participate in a citywide contest to name the new sweeper!

Vote for the new street sweeper name here!

Environmental Benefits

Sweeping streets not only improves the visual condition of the roadway, it also preserves the health and beauty of Woodbury’s natural environmental resources. Roadside waste can carry phosphorus into storm drains that flow directly to valuable water features like ponds and lakes. Excess amounts of phosphorus cause algae build up which poses danger to aquatic wildlife. By increasing the frequency of street sweeping, the city expects to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the downstream stormwater network by several hundred pounds.

Storm Drain Maintenance Programs

The City of Woodbury welcomes volunteers to help protect local waterways through two volunteer programs, Storm Drain Marking and Adopt a Drain. Storm drains flow directly to local lakes, rivers, and wetlands, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants. By reminding residents of the consequences of dumping unwanted materials into drains and involving the community in maintenance efforts, everybody can be a part of protecting Woodbury’s water resources. Learn more about these programs on the Storm Drain Marking page.