Sustainable City Facilities

  1. City Hall
  2. M Health Fairview Sports Center
  3. Public Safety Building

Energy Conservation

Lighting, mechanical systems and building envelope all were designed to reduce energy use, provide ongoing operational cost savings, and achieve rebates available from Xcel Energy.

A geothermal system is used for heating and cooling the building. The system uses underground pipe, installed in wells 300 feet deep, to transfer the earth's energy, which averages about 48 degrees in temperature, to the building. The building is heated or cooled using high efficiency ground source heat pumps, reducing energy use.

Additional energy-saving features include: high performance, energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems; energy efficient lighting; and sensors to shut off lights automatically when offices are not occupied. An energy management system allows the city to control the building in the most efficient manner, depending on occupancy.

City Hall Geothermal RoofStormwater Features

  • A "green roof" is located over a conference room on the south side of the building. The plants in this vegetated roof absorb rain water and reduce runoff from the roof.
  • Porous paver parking stalls in a section of the east parking lot allow stormwater to soak through to the ground instead of running off the parking lot into City Hall's wetland.
  • A rain garden is located in the curb island between the porous pavers to infiltrate stormwater that may not be absorbed over the pavers.
  • A stormwater treatment pond east of City Hall improves runoff that empties into the adjacent wetland.
  • Two reinforced turf products, "Grasspave" and "Advanced Turf," were used alongside the walking paths adjacent to City Hall. The products can withstand the weight of a fire truck without damage, providing fire lane access to City Hall. As a result, the walking paths can be narrower, reducing the amount of impervious surface.