Lookout Ridge Playground Replacement

The indoor playground at Lookout Ridge is being replaced as part of the Central Park Renovation Project starting in 2024 with anticipated completion in mid-2025. The new playground will feature a diverse assortment of 60-80 play features geared toward children ages 12 and under. 

Feedback collected from the community through prior engagement is being incorporated into the final design. For example, Lookout Ridge users indicated their desire to maintain a tall, enclosed slide. In addition, a separate toddler play area, enhanced sightlines for visibility, bench seating on the back of the structure, and more daylighting in the area of the playground is also being included.   

Thank you for voting!

In August 2023, the community was invited to vote on some of the playground elements that would be incorporated into the final design of the new Lookout Ridge. Thank you to everyone who voted online or in-person at the playground or at Woodbury Days. 

Photos provided below of the winning features are to give you a better idea of what these features look like and do not represent the final design. Specific colors, theming and other elements shown with the play features being presented may not be included in the final Lookout Ridge design. 

Winning Playground Features

Moonwalk Climber

Moonwalk Climber

Multi-Lane Slide

Multi Lane Slide

Pendulum Walk

Pendulum Walk

Tilting Tunnel Crawl

Tilting Crawl Tunnel

Clear Top Turbo Slide

Large Turbo Slide with Clear Top

Cave Crawl

Cave Crawl

Soft Play: Row Boat

Row Boat

Soft Play: Bridge


Soft Play: Pine Tree Climber with Slide

Tree Climber with Slide