Cottage Grove Drive Traffic Calming 

Cottage Grove Drive Traffic Calming as part of the planned Water Treatment Plant Pipes Project


In recent years, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were found to have contaminated drinking water supplies in parts of the eastern Twin Cities, including Woodbury’s groundwater supply. Source water from 10 of the city’s 20 wells currently exceed the health standards for PFAS.

 The city is designing a permanent Water Treatment Plant and supporting pipelines to provide a sustainable solution for Woodbury residents and businesses. While this work will be underway for the next five years, the city is taking several actions to ensure it is delivering the highest quality water possible now until the water treatment plant is fully operational in 2028. This includes building a temporary water treatment plant; constructing additional water treatment equipment at three additional well sites; developing two new water production wells; implementing increased lawn-watering restrictions to ensure efficient water use during the high demand summer months; and expediting the construction of a new water tower.  

 One of the wells needing to be connected to the future permanent water treatment plant is located along Cottage Grove Drive near the intersection with Eagle View Boulevard. The pipeline will run north from the wellhouse and connect to a larger pipeline along Valley Creek Road. This will require either a complete or nearly complete reconstruction of the roadway above the new pipeline. The roadway construction may provide opportunity to address concerns the neighborhood has related to safety, vehicle speeds, pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and other uses within the roadway corridor.

A number of residents in the area previously petitioned the city to install traffic calming measures to reduce vehicle speeds along Cottage Grove Drive. These considerations were mutually agreed upon to be paused until a construction project on the roadway to reduce the cost if traffic calming improvements were to be constructed.


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