Lead and Copper Rule Revision

As required under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)  Lead Copper Rule Revision (LCRR), Woodbury is in the process of a system-wide assessment to identify, document and develop a plan to subsequently address any lead pipes in its system – including residential homes and businesses. 

As part of the assessment in the first quarter of 2024, a few hundred property owners will receive letters from the City of Woodbury requesting they conduct a simple water pipe test for lead and complete an online survey to log the test results. This is one of several steps the city is taking to assess, identify and document lead pipes in its system. 

The City of Woodbury has historically met all lead and copper standards in drinking water via samples collected every three years under the direction of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Most recently, Woodbury collected water samples throughout the system for lead and copper compliance in 2023 and the results were again below the EPA and MDH standards. 

Going forward under the LCRR, more lead and copper monitoring and reporting to the public will be required. In the future, additional information about lead and copper will be available on the city’s website, including whether lead pipes were identified in the water system. If lead pipes are found, the City of Woodbury will be required to evaluate and implement additional lead mitigation efforts. The LCRR effort is being incorporated into the design and construction of the city’s permanent water treatment plant. 

For more information about the LCRR, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s website.