Home Water Audit Pilot Program

An adult and child wash dishes in a kitchen sinkIn 2024, the city is hosting a MN GreenCorps member to evaluate the viability of a potential new water efficiency program, home water audits.

Through this program, the city is offering residents an opportunity to receive a comprehensive audit of their home and property’s water use. After the audit, they will receive a report detailing how water is used, identify improvements they can make to decrease water use, and direct them to existing programs and resources to support these efforts. 

The pilot program will take place in two phases, one in late February, focusing only on indoor water use, and a second in early summer, which will include indoor and outdoor water use. Program participation is available at no cost, availability is limited for both pilot phases. The purpose of the pilot program is to further the city’s water efficiency initiatives. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, sign up below!

Home Water Audit Pilot Program

  1. When was your home built?*
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  3. The audits will take place on weekdays starting Feb. 19 and ending March 1. An adult 18 years or older MUST be home for the duration of the audit, which is expected to take up to 60 minutes to complete. From the list below, selects the days/times you would be available for your audit. Select all that apply. *
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  6. Do you have an irrigation system for your lawn?*
  7. Do you have a smart irrigation controller?
  8. Are you interested in improvements to your yard/lawn? (e.g., rain gardens or pollinator friendly options)
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