Long-Range Planning

The Administration Department coordinates the city's long-range administrative planning. In conjunction with the Finance Department, Administration prepares and reviews with the City Council a 10-year financial forecast and a five-year Capital Improvement Program. In 1997, the City Council also initiated a new strategic planning process, which is a biennial effort.

In order to monitor the city's performance in achieving its plans, the Administration Department also coordinates preparation and review of Woodbury's Performance Measurement Program. This program provides data to the Council, citizens, and the staff regarding the achievements of city programs and services on a list of workload, efficiency, and effectiveness measures. The program also dovetails with the Council strategic planning by monitoring conditions in the community in seven broad areas where the Council believes the city must show positive achievement in order to have a successful community.

The six areas are:

  1. Safety
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Business Climate
  4. Youth Development and Education
  5. City Services
  6. Environmental Stewardship
Critical Success Factors