Performance Reporting

2021 ICMA BadgeSince the mid-1990s, the City of Woodbury has published an annual performance report that provides more than 250 pieces of data on the performance of city services and operations. Performance reporting is beneficial because it:

  • Provides information for strategic planning
  • Helps City Council and city staff make decisions about how to use city resources
  • Identifies areas where the city is successful and indicates areas where improvements need to be made
  • Creates better accountability to the public by producing a more transparent government

The city also publishes a report that provides performance data on the seven "Critical Success Factors" identified by the City Council as crucial to Woodbury's continuing success. They are: safety, quality of life, positive economy, education, community, city services, and sustainability.

Performance Report

Each year, the Performance Measures Report provides a narrative and five years of data for each performance area, which includes all of the city's departments and divisions. This report also features graphs for many of the city's key measures and comparative performance data from the International City/County Management Association's Center for Performance Measurement.

The interactive Performance Measures Dashboard allows users to easily access charts, graphs, summary data and key performance indicators.

Critical Success Factors Report

The Critical Success Factors Report (PDF) supplies performance measurement data for seven areas that the city feels are most important in order to develop and maintain a successful community. These factors go beyond areas that are the exclusive, or even primary, responsibility of a city organization. As a result, each section open with a statement that explains the role the city intends to play in regard to that factor.