Community Survey Results

2019 Performance Dashboard (PDF)

In February 2019, surveys were mailed to 1,500 randomly selected resident households. A total of 446 surveys were completed, yielding a response rate of 31%. The margin of error is plus or minus 5% around any given percentage point reported for the entire sample.

Survey results were weighted so that respondent gender, age, race, ethnicity, housing unit type (attached or detached) and housing tenure (rent or own) were represented in proportions reflective of the entire city. Reported responses are for those who had an opinion - "don't know" responses were removed from the analysis.

Survey results are summarized on this page, or you can view the full survey results (PDF).

  1. Woodbury is a desirable place to live with amenities residents appreciate.
  2. Most residents are connected to the community and many feel Woodbury is welcoming for all.
  3. Improving drinking water quality and ensuring an adequate water supply are priorities for residents.
  4. Survey respondents think highly of City services and government performance.
  5. Residents' willingness to pay a property tax increase to maintain current service levels is on the rise.
  • Nine in 10 survey respondents said the overall quality of life in the city was excellent or good and a similar proportion gave excellent or good reviews to the city as a place to raise children and live, shopping opportunities and their neighborhood as a place to live. More than 8 in 10 survey participants gave favorable ratings to the overall quality of business and service establishments in Woodbury. These ratings were similar to previous survey years.
  • Survey results for many questions were compared to results from other communities across the nation, those in Minnesota and those with populations between 55,000 and 75,000. Evaluations for aspects of quality of life tended to be higher than or similar to the three benchmark peer groups. Additionally, Woodbury was ranked first, second or third for the quality of business and service establishments and shopping opportunities compared to the communities in each of the three benchmark groups.
  • Most respondents gave top marks to the overall feelings of safety (96% excellent or good), health and wellness opportunities (93%) and fitness and exercise opportunities (93%). About 9 in 10 respondents also gave excellent or good assessments to the overall economic health of Woodbury and the city's image or reputation overall. These five community characteristics were rated higher compared to the nation, other Minnesota communities and communities with a similar population size. Additionally, Woodbury ranked first out of at least 20 other jurisdictions in Minnesota or those of a similar population size for health and wellness opportunities and second for fitness and exercise opportunities.

Past Survey Results

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