A Growing Community

New residents are attracted to Woodbury’s exceptional schools, extensive park and trail system, well-planned neighborhoods and overall quality of life. The consistent growth in new housing starts certainly supports that claim. Woodbury’s housing market remains strong, with permits issued for 745 new housing units in 2022. 

While the number and type of housing units varies from year to year, the chart below shows a relatively consistent pattern of growth in each of the housing sectors. For example, the 330 new single-family homes that began construction in 2022 is in line with the ten-year average of 308 new single-family homes per year. The number of townhome units- 180 units in 2022 – was higher than the ten year average of 102 townhome units per year. Woodbury, like much of the metro area, continues to experience strong demand for multi-family rental/apartments, with new apartment projects being constructed in nine of the past ten years. The split between new single-family and new attached housing units (townhomes and apartments) has been relatively even over the last ten years, with 49 percent of the units being single-family and 51 percent being attached units, which is consistent with the city’s goal of having a 50-50 split between attached and single family homes. 

The city has long supported a variety of housing types to accommodate people of all ages, income levels and family status. This trend is anticipated to continue in the future as the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is implemented. Adding another dimension to Woodbury’s housing diversity, Orville Commons, a 235-unit affordable apartment project, commenced construction in 2022. 

New Housing Units by Type

Housing Type