New Commercial Development

Woodbury continues to experience strong demand for new commercial construction. In 2021, building permits were issued for seven new commercial buildings with a cumulative permit value of approximately $100 million. These seven new commercial buildings added 579,474 square feet of space to the City’s commercial tax base.  The City’s total cumulative square footage of commercial space now surpasses 12 million square feet. 

More than 96 percent of the new commercial space permitted in 2021 was non-retail, consistent with the City's goal of creating more employment opportunities (places to work) in Woodbury. This is consistent with the trend over the past decade, in which more than 70 percent of the new commercial was non-retail. Cumulatively, Woodbury’s commercial space is comprised of 58 percent non-retail uses such as office, medical or industrial/other and 42 percent is retail. To view current commercial and residential projects in Woodbury, see the Development Map

New Commercial Construction