The first Wednesday of every month, the civil defense sirens are tested to make sure they are operating correctly. The purpose of the siren is to notify the public of any inclement weather or emergency situations.

Siren Locations

  1. 6769 Upper Afton Road (water tank)
  2. Public Works Building, 2300 Tower Drive
  3. 3351 Woodlane Drive
  4. 5140 Woodlane Drive
  5. Evergreen East Park on Radio Drive
  6. 1642 Regatta Drive
  7. 3104 Woodbury Drive
  8. Pioneer Drive at Springwood Drive
  9. 9787 Hudson Road
  10. Windmill Farm Curve (Redwood Curve and Windmill Farm Curve)
  11. Vermillion and Cottage Grove Drive
  12. Brookview Road near Settlers Ridge Parkway
  13. Radio Drive south of Hargis Parkway
  14. Woodbury Drive and Dale Road

For more information, contact the Woodbury Police Department at 651-714-3600, or email Emergency Preparedness.