Emergency Warning Sirens

Warning sirens are designed to be heard when you are outside. When you are inside your home, with the windows shut and either the air conditioning or the furnace running, the siren is not easily heard. The sound of the siren is also affected when strong winds are blowing.

Woodbury is located in Washington County, which is divided in half. The dividing line between the northern and southern portions of the county is Highway 36. If you hear sirens within the City of Woodbury, you know you are being alerted to severe weather conditions in the south portion of Washington County.

The Emergency Warning Sirens are tested the first Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m., March through October. We do not sound the sirens during the months of November through February, due to few outdoor activities occurring and cold weather impacts the ability of the siren to rotate.

For more information on current weather conditions, tune your radio to WCCO (AM Radio 830), which provides 24-hour coverage. Up-to-date weather information is also available by purchasing a weather radio.

  1. Siren Locations

There are 14 emergency warning sirens located in the City of Woodbury. Siren locations are listed below. 

Siren Locations

  1. 6769 Upper Afton Road 
  2. Public Works Building, 2300 Tower Drive
  3. 3351 Woodlane Drive
  4. 5140 Woodlane Drive
  5. Radio Drive, near Evergreen East Park
  6. 1642 Regatta Drive
  7. 3104 Woodbury Drive
  8. Pioneer Drive and Springwood Drive
  9. 9787 Hudson Road
  10. Bailey Road, east of Cottage Grove Drive
  11. Vermillion and Cottage Grove Drive
  12. Brookview Road, near Settlers Ridge Parkway
  13. Radio Drive, south of Hargis Parkway
  14. Woodbury Drive and Dale Road