Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT)

When natural disasters hit, professional first responders are often overwhelmed with calls for help.

To better prepare for these circumstances, the Woodbury Public Safety Department formed the Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT), a group of citizens trained to aid professional responders in emergency situations.

VERT provides immediate assistance to the Public Safety Department and ongoing support to the community throughout the events.

VERT assists Public Safety personnel with a variety of activities including:

  • Controlling the perimeter of a scene or event
  • Looking for lost persons
  • Reunifying lost family members
  • Sandbagging
  • Setting up temporary relocation shelters for victims


The Public Safety Department manages the groups through a steering committee and provides the volunteers with responder training in a number of nationally recognized training programs such as basic first aid, CPR, and disaster preparedness and assistance.

Volunteers are encouraged to complete two training classes per year. There is no cost for the courses, which last approximately two hours and take place at the Woodbury Public Safety Building, 2100 Radio Drive. The training sessions are adapted to the experience levels of the participants. Optional classes also are offered, including CPR, incident command preparedness, etc. Equipment, including ID badges, helmets and vests, also is provided.

Join Today!

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older and pass a criminal background check.

Signing up is fast and easy. Download the application and criminal background check forms (PDF). After completing the forms, have them notarized, and mail them to the Public Safety Department, 2100 Radio Drive. Or, if you prefer, drop off the forms in person at the Public Safety Building, where staff can notarize the documents at no charge.

People with questions about the VERT program can contact Woodbury Public Safety.

Current Members

Current VERT members can visit the VERT Portal to view the training schedule and other training resources.