Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan plan aims to increase comfort and safety for all roadway, sidewalk and trail users. The plan proposes a network of sidewalks, trails and on-street facilities to identify infrastructure needs. 

The planning process (led by city staff and consultant, HKGi) began in early 2020 and ended in August 2021. Public input was received through online tools to ensure the public was engaged during the pandemic with the input used to guide the plan elements. A focus on bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safety, transportation equity, maintenance and operations, sustainability and resiliency, active living and stakeholder partnerships guided the plan in drafting policies for implementation of the network plan. 

Prioritization policies will consider project alignment with the city’s Parks and Trails Replacement Fund capital investments, projects that encourage active living and align with Safe Routes to Schools or Regional Bicycle Transportation Network initiatives, closing gaps in the existing network, improving user comfort levels and that coincide with roadway rehabilitation and construction projects.