Lake Road Improvements

A roadway repaving project was completed during the 2022 construction season on Lake Road between Courtly Road and Tahoe Road, and between Woodlane Drive and Pioneer Drive. During the project, portions of Lake Road were converted from a four-lane roadway to a three-lane roadway to increase safety for vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, the intersection of Lake Road and Pioneer Drive was converted into a single-lane roundabout.

 A trail is planned for construction in 2023 along Lake Road between Wooddale Drive and Radio Drive. More information on the new trail can be found in the trail improvement page.

 A future project is planned for 2023 construction which will convert Lake Road from 4-3 lanes between Blue Ridge Drive and the Cottage Grove Drive trail crossing. The project will include pavement rehabilitation on Lake Road from Blue Ridge Drive to Manning Avenue and trail rehabilitation. More information will be provided regarding Lake Road access during construction as design progresses. The tentative schedule for the project is shown below. 


Consultant Selection

October 26, 2022

Neighborhood Meeting No. 1

March 2023

Public Improvement Hearing, Order Project, Approve Preliminary Reports, Authorize Preparation of Plans & Specifications

April 2023

Approve Plans & Specifications, Set Bid Date

May 2023

Open Bids

May 2023

Neighborhood Meeting No. 2

June 2023

Assessment Hearing, Award Construction Contract

June 2023

Begin Construction

July 2023

Complete Construction

October 2023

  1. Lane Conversion
  2. Intersection Improvements
  3. Roundabout Resources
  4. Resident Feedback

As a part of that project, Lake Road between Woodlane Drive and Pioneer Drive was converted from a 4-lane to a 3-lane road.

This conversion increases safety by reducing crashes, increasing pedestrian safety, providing a shoulder, and promoting compliance with posted speed limits.

In 2016, the city conducted the Lake Road Restriping and Safety Improvements Study which determined the traffic volumes are acceptable to accommodate the 3-lane roadway conversion with improved traffic flow and operations.

The project also included repaving of the existing trails along Lake Road to improve the trail surface. 

Pedestrian enhancements constructed with this project include refuge islands at the intersections of Lake Road and Oriole Drive, Camelot Drive, and Stratford Road. Rectangular rapid flashing beacons will remain at the intersection of Lake Road and Wyndham Way.