Lake Road Improvements

Illustration showing roadway before and after of a 4 to 3 lane conversion

In 2024, Lake Road between Blue Ridge Drive and the Cottage Grove Drive trail crossing (near Cherry Lane) will be converted from four to three lanes. The project will also include pavement rehabilitation on Lake Road from Blue Ridge Drive to Manning Avenue along with trail rehabilitation and minor utility repair. 

Public Works, along with our consultants at SEH Inc., conducted evaluations of existing infrastructure conditions to determine the preliminary scope and extent of the proposed street and utility improvements in the area. 

View Final Lake Road 4-3 Lane Conversion Feasibility Report (PDF)

Open House Information

City staff, along with our consultants at SEH, Inc., hosted a project meeting on Monday, June 12, from 6-7:30 p.m. at Middleton Elementary School. Residents were invited to view the proposed improvements and provide comments on the project. The most frequently expressed concerns were speed control, pedestrian safety, proper road markings, and clear sightlines for both vehicles and pedestrians throughout the project area. Please contact Mike Hejna with any additional feedback.

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 1 (PDF)

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 2 (PDF)

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 3 (PDF)

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 4 (PDF)

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 5 (PDF)

View Woodbury Lake Rd 4-3 Lake Townhall Exhibit 6 (PDF)

Special Assessments

A portion of this project is proposed to be funded through special assessments. Special assessments are a charge imposed on properties for a particular improvement that benefits the property owners. Final assessment amounts have not yet been determined but are estimated at $3,500 per property for single-family homes and $650 per property for multi-family homes based on the preliminary report. The assessed amounts may be revised during the project process and final design. 

Project Schedule

Consultant SelectionOct. 26, 2022
Neighborhood Meeting No. 1June 2023
Public Improvement Hearing, Order Project, Approve Preliminary Reports, Authorize Preparation of Plans & SpecificationsAugust 2023
Open BidsJanuary 2024
Neighborhood Meeting No. 2February 2024
Assessment Hearing / Award Construction ContractMarch 2024
Begin ConstructionApril 2024
Complete ConstructionSeptember 2024

Trail Improvement along Lake Road

A trail is planned for construction along Lake Road between Wooddale Drive and Radio Drive. More information on the new trail can be found on the trail improvement page.