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Annual City Projects

Roadway Rehabilitation

In November 2021, the 2022 Roadway Rehabilitation Project was canceled. The project will be reevaluated and construction planned for 2023. Due to this change, the project originally scheduled for 2023 in the Salem Meadows and Erin Court neighborhoods has been moved to 2024.

Pavement Rejuvenator Projects

Each year, the city completes a pavement rejuvenator project in designated areas to extend pavement life and contain materials within the original asphalt pavement. The rejuvenator is an oil-based material that will be sprayed directly on the road surface, followed by the temporary application of a sand product.

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Current Projects

Use the tabs below to learn about current road construction projects in Woodbury.

  1. Edgewood Avenue Culvert Replacement  (city project)
  2. Lake Road Safety & Mobility (city project)
  3. METRO Gold Line (county project)
  4. Ojibway Parking Lot (city project)
  5. I-94 between Century Avenue and St. Croix River (state project)

The culvert under Edgewood Avenue west of Meadow Drive will be replaced in the fall of 2022. The existing retaining walls and culvert are in poor condition and in need of replacement. 

The project will include removing the existing retaining walls and grading the north and south side of the road. The guardrails will also be removed as part of the project. The existing culvert will be removed and replaced by a new, longer culvert to eliminate the need for retaining walls. During construction, Edgewood Avenue will be closed to traffic. 

Construction is anticipated to start September 2022 and be completed in approximately 6 weeks.

View project area map (PDF)

If you have questions about the project, email Mike Hejna or call 651-714-3593

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