Roadway Rehabilitation 2022

The City of Woodbury is planning a utility replacement and roadway rehabilitation project in the Royal Oaks neighborhood in 2022 and 2023. The scope of the project is still being determined, but is tentatively planned to include pavement rehabilitation, curb replacement, trail and sidewalk rehabilitation and construction, water main replacement, water service replacement, storm sewer rehabilitation and replacement, sanitary sewer rehabilitation, and sanitary sewer service replacement. The city is also considering repaving the parking lots at Ojibway Park (main and north) and Chippewa Park.

This project will likely include significant underground utility work. The water main in this area has a history of breaks and a significant portion of the main will need to be replaced. Individual service lines will also need to be replaced to each property. This will have a substantial impact to all homeowners and properties in the area, with temporary water shut-offs and temporary roadway closures. Due to the size of the project, we anticipate construction extending into 2023.

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