Private Utilities

The City of Woodbury does not provide gas, electric, cable or internet services. These are provided by private utility companies, which are not regulated by the city.

If you are experiencing any problems with these services please contact your provider directly. If you are looking to establish gas and electric service at a new home, please contact Xcel Energy.

South Washington County Telecommunications Commission

The South Washington County Telecommunications Commission (SWCTC) represents the City of Woodbury in the administration, enforcement and renewal of the cable franchise agreements with two local cable TV providers: Comcast and CenturyLink. Through these agreements, cable TV subscribers pay a percentage of its annual revenue from local subscribers for the use of the city's public right-of-ways needed to bury cable lines. SWCTC collects the fee from cable TV subscribers and invests it into its member cities by providing government programming and equipment. A separate nominal public education and government (PEG) subscriber fee also is collected from cable subscribers to help fund SWCTC. Questions about the city's franchise fee agreements should be directed to SWCTC.