Traffic Control

The City of Woodbury is responsible for operating and maintaining all city roads, traffic signals, pavement marking, and trails. This section provides guidance for safety on city streets for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Traffic Control Committee

The Traffic Control Committee is made up of city staff and provides technical guidance, direction and process to City Council and departments on addressing traffic control-related issues or requests. The committee reviews issues including traffic congestion or flow, speed control, parking, sight distance or obstructions, traffic control and pedestrian safety.

The committee meets quarterly and consists of members from the Engineering, Public Works, Public Safety, and Community Development Departments. If you have a concern or request, please contact the Engineering Department and it will be reviewed by the Traffic Control Committee.

Frequent Traffic Control Requests

  1. Crosswalks
  2. Stop Signs
  3. Parking Restrictions
  4. Speed Limits
  5. Children at Play / Animal Warning Signs

Crosswalks are constructed to guide pedestrians to safe road crossings. They do not generally result in lower speeds, and markings alone do not decrease the number of crashes. Crosswalks may be removed by the City's Public Works Department if they are in a location that does not increase pedestrian safety. Crosswalks are typically not installed in residential areas as these roadways are characterized by lower traffic volumes and speeds. Characteristics of these roadways with the presence of homes, driveways, parks, mailboxes, children, pedestrians and bicyclists should alert drivers to potential pedestrian activity within the neighborhoods.

All residential roadway intersections are potential crossing locations and drivers should expect to see pedestrians regardless of whether crosswalks are marked or not. Crosswalks are generally not installed on high volume, high speed or four lane roads without additional safety measures.

See Pedestrian Safety and Bicycle Safety pages for more information.