Protect Sod & Sprinkler Systems

Driveway markers can help protect sod from damage. If you want to protect your yard from possible damage from snow plowing, the Public Works Department suggests that you stake out your yard along the curb line with flexible, reflective driveway markers. By doing this, you will help the plow operators in locating the curb line. These stakes can be purchased at any local hardware or home improvement store. It is recommended that they be inexpensive,  if snow banks need to be pushed back, the markers may be damaged. 

Despite the plow operators' best efforts, sod along the edge of the road occasionally may be damaged during snow removal activities. In general, the city will repair boulevards damaged by a snowplow or truck. 

The city will not be responsible for damage to underground irrigation systems. Residents are responsible for cleaning any sand build-up from the boulevard and for repairing damaged vegetation due to salt originating from snow plowing and sanding activities.