Choosing a Trash Hauler

Haulers may provide different services, features, or price compared to their competitors, so residents are encouraged to do some research so they choose the right hauler for them. At this time, there are seven residential haulers that are licensed in the city. When choosing a hauler, you should consider the following items.

What Services Will Be Provided?

  • How often will your recycling be picked up? City ordinance states that garbage must be collected weekly. Recycling may be collected weekly or biweekly.
  • What items can be recycled? Some haulers vary on what they will collect. Ask for a current list of recyclables that can be placed in your bin.
  • If the hauler offers a service for yard waste, what are the expectations for material preparation?
  • Is the trash taken to a landfill or to the Resource Recovery Technologies facility in Newport, where it is burned for energy?
  • If you cancel your service, is there a fee to have your bins picked up?

Does the Hauler Require a Contract?

  • What is the expiration date for the contract?
  • What are the termination conditions of the contract? Is there a fee to break the contract early?
  • Can the contract be canceled if the hauler is not providing reliable service

What Are the Fees? What Discounts May Apply for Switching?

  • Some haulers may offer a discount on your bill for switching to their company. Be sure to clarify how long the discount will apply. If it is a temporary discount, ask what the total bill will be after the discount expires (including taxes and fees).
  • If you are offered a period of service without a charge, ask whether the free month(s) of service will be applied immediately, or at the end of your agreement.
  • Understanding exactly what is expected from both parties at the beginning of the agreement should result in a positive business relationship for both sides.

Group / Neighborhood Trash Hauling

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