Municipal State Aid Street System

The Municipal State Aid Street System (MSAS) is intended to be a mechanism to identify and fund a "backbone" system of collector and arterial streets. The city is allowed to identify roads to be built or upgraded to certain MSAS standards as part of this system. The total mileage of these roads can be up to 20 percent of the city's total street miles. Woodbury receives Municipal State Aid Street funds based upon the cost to construct these streets to the MSAS standards. These funds can then be used to construct the streets designated on the MSAS System.

  • Streets must meet the following criteria to be selected for the Municipal State Aid System:
  • They are projected to carry a relatively heavier traffic volume or are functionally classified as collector or arterial streets.
  • They connect the points of major traffic interest within an urbanized municipality.
  • They provide an integrated street system.
  • They connect roadways which are MSAS streets, county roads, county state-aid highways, or trunk highways.

These streets generally act as collectors or minor arterial streets carrying higher volumes of traffic. The city receives state gasoline revenues to be used to upgrade and maintain these streets to Municipal State Aid standards.

Examples of MSAS Streets in the City

  • Bailey Road
  • Bielenberg Drive
  • Brookview Road
  • Century Avenue
  • Dale Road
  • Glen Road
  • Guider Drive
  • Hudson Road
  • Interlachen Parkway
  • Lake Road
  • Pioneer Drive
  • Radio Drive
  • Settler Ridge Parkway
  • Tamarack Road
  • Tower Driver
  • Upper Afton Road
  • Valley Creek Road
  • Weir Drive
  • Woodbury Drive