Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Program is used to improve concrete curb and gutter, construct handicap-accessible ramps, repair deteriorating asphalt and reconstruct or overlay existing streets. The program encompasses approximately 260 miles of streets in Woodbury annually. The Street Division performs routine maintenance operations to improve and extend the life of the street system.

The Pavement Management Program also features a computerized Pavement Management System. This system includes an inventory of the entire street network. It allows the city to select streets for repair at the most effective time. The city also uses GIS to plan and carry out any other maintenance concurrently; for example, maintenance on pipes and manholes that lie below the surface of the pavement being reconstructed. This capability helps the city make the best use of resources in an effort to maintain our infrastructure responsibly. It is used to develop the city's Roadway Rehabilitation Plan.

The city uses a rating system to provide a fair and systematic way to determine which streets need to be repaired. One-fourth of the city streets are rated each year by evaluating the defects (cracks, potholes, and soft spots) in the road. This rating system allows the city to determine what maintenance strategy will need to be used for the street.