Street Lights Out?

Xcel Energy installs and maintains street lights within the City of Woodbury. To report that a street light is out or damaged, call Xcel Energy's Outdoor Lighting Department at 800-960-6235 or complete the lights-out request form.

Xcel Energy

Street Light Outage Phone: 800-960-6235

Power Outage Phone: 800-895-1999

Gas Emergency/Gas Odor Phone: 800-895-2999

Residential Customer Service Phone: 800-895-4999

More About Street Lights

Since 1981 residential street lights are required in all new developments in Woodbury. They may be added by petition from residents in older developments; the cost is assessed to all benefited properties. The street lights are maintained by Xcel Energy. The monthly charges from Xcel Energy are paid by the residents as part of the quarterly city utility bill.

The street lighting policy provides the city engineer with the authority to place street lights at intersections, at the ends of cul-de-sacs, at sharp turns and steep hills on city streets, and at the entrance to or within publicly owned parking facilities. Street lighting is considered on a request basis. A petition, which has been signed by affected property owners, must be submitted to the city. The cost of providing new streetlights is assessed to all benefited properties.

In some parts of Woodbury, decorative street lighting systems are in place. These were typically placed as part of the subdivision improvements under an agreement with the city whereby the property owners reimburse the city for the monthly charges as part of the quarterly utility billing. The policy also contains provisions for existing neighborhoods to petition the city for this type of lighting system.