Water and sanitary sewer services are provided to most Woodbury residents by the city's Utility Division. This division currently operates and maintains a temporary Water Treatment Plant, wells, water storage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, and lift stations; flushes and repairs city hydrants and water mains; and reads water meters. 

A city-owned and city-operated water system make up a major portion of the Woodbury Utility Division. The water supply comes from wells with a total pumping capacity of about 24,500 gallons per minute or an approximate firm capacity of 32.5 million gallons per day. To handle peak water loads, Woodbury also has five water towers and one ground reservoir. The water is chlorinated and fluoridated to meet Department of Health standards. Some Woodbury properties obtain their water through private wells and are not served by the municipal water systems.

There are occasions when utility personnel need to gain access to your home for repair work to water meters. Utility personnel wear city uniforms and carry a picture I.D. card. Residents with questions regarding utility personnel should call Public Works at 651-714-3720.

If you have questions about your utility bill or water meters, visit Utility Billing and Rates.