Special Assessments

Special assessments are a charge to properties for the cost of making a local improvement, or to collect certain charges that will benefit these properties. Cities may also use special assessments to recover the cost of service charges including, but not limited to:

  • Snow, ice and rubbish removal from sidewalks
  • Weed elimination from streets and private property
  • Removal or elimination of public health or safety hazards
  • Trimming and care of trees and removal of unsound trees
  • Unpaid sewer and water bills

Assessment Lookup

The Assessment Lookup shows pending or levied assessments for specific properties. Properties may be selected by address or parcel identification number (PIN). Assessment and payment information is continuously updated.

The first screen of the Assessment Lookup shows pending and levied assessments due to the City of Woodbury. On this page a link for amounts certified and payable to Washington County can be found. Please call Washington County at 651-430-6175 to verify that the certified amounts remain due and payable to Washington County.

The Finance Department administers the collection of special assessments. For questions concerning a special assessment on your property or the Assessment Lookup function, please call 651-714-3537.