2022 Utility Rate Changes

As the community's infrastructure ages, significant utility repairs will be needed in the future. Beginning in 2018, the city increased water rates for the first time in a decade and continued to make additional incremental increases since that time. To continue building funds for utility infrastructure operational and renewal and replacement costs, rate increases were approved by the City Council for 2022.


  • Residential and commercial water rates increase in 2022 by $0.10 per thousand gallons; this increases the base water rate from $1.60 to $1.70 per thousand gallons
  • The administrative fixed fee for water increases by $1 per quarter
  • The commercial and homeowner association (HOA) irrigation rate increases from $3.18 to $3.50 per thousand gallons
  • The city's portion of the sanitary sewer rate increases in 2022 by $1.20 from $29.25 to $30.45 per quarter (a $0.45 per month increase for commercial accounts from $11 to $11.45)
  • The sanitary sewer charges passed along from the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) are increasing $0.20 per thousand gallons over 8,000 gallons and $1.57 per quarter for the MCES fixed quarterly fee (commercial accounts billed monthly will experience a $0.20 per thousand gallons over 3,000 gallons increase with an increase of $0.61 per monthly MCES fixed fee)
  • Residential and commercial storm water rates increase in 2022 by $0.20 per billing cycle