Utility Meter Update Project

Water MeterThe city's utility workers continue to upgrade water meters with new technology.

The new water meters allow the city's meter readers to pull readings into a computer as they drive by the home rather than walking from house to house. The equipment sends a signal to the water meter, "waking it up" and collecting the reading. These new meters can also help the city identify leaks or other high water use periods, although this feature requires a utility worker to visit the home and pull some data from the meter with a tablet.

City utility workers are installing the new water meters in various neighborhoods throughout the year, ramping up the activity during winter months when possible. Property owners who live in the selected neighborhoods will receive a mailed notice from the city directing them to call Public Works to schedule the upgrade. It typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes to replace the meter. There is no cost to the homeowner.

Questions should be directed to the Department of Public Works.

Program History & Timeline

The meter replacement program started in November 2017. The city strives to replace at least 1,500 to 2,000 meters each year while balancing other utility responsibilities.

It is expected to take 10 years for water meters to be upgraded citywide. Residents should expect to see meter readers walking through neighborhoods and obtaining meter readings off the original devices mounted on the sides of homes for several more years.