Emergency Medical & Fire Services

Woodbury's Emergency Medical and Fire Services (EMS Fire) Division is responsible for responding to life safety emergencies in addition to public safety education and fire prevention programs. The division uses a combination of full-time and part-time employees to respond to calls for service and operates out of the four stations strategically located throughout the city:

  • Station 1 - Radio Drive Headquarters, 2100 Radio Drive
  • Station 2 - Upper Afton, 6301 Upper Afton Road
  • Station 3 - Thames, 6975 Thames Road
  • Station 4 - Fox Run, 1275 Woodbury Drive

Command Staff

  • Jason Posel, Public Safety Director, Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO)
  • Chris Klein, Assistant Public Safety Director, EMS Fire Chief
  • Kevin Asauskas, EMS Fire Commander
  • Val Huerta, EMS Fire Commander