Fire Inspections & Permits

The City of Woodbury's Inspection Division oversees the General Fire Safety Inspection Program. This program assists building owners, managers and occupants in identifying and resolving fire and safety issues that could cause injury to people or damage to property and businesses. Depending on your business type, you will receive a General Fire Safety Inspection on an annual, biennial or triennial basis.

This inspection consists of a walk-through of your business to determine if required life safety elements are in compliance with the 2012 International Fire Code as adopted by the State of Minnesota and every effort is made not to disrupt any business operations. During this inspection, numerous life safety issues will be checked to ensure the safety of not only the public, but also you and your property.

Please note if you do not own the building in which your business is housed, some of these items may be the responsibility of your landlord. The City of Woodbury looks forward to your success and cooperation in this inspection program.

Fire Permit Information

Woodbury uses a combination permit. General contractors pay for all permits (building, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire suppression, fire alarm, etc.) at the time the building permit is issued. A separate fire alarm and/or fire suppression permit is issued only when there is no related building permit, or when a fire suppression and/or alarm system is added to a project after the building permit was issued.

If you are unsure if your project requires a permit, contact the fire marshal.