Project Updates

  1. Sewer Pipe Jetting
  2. Water Meter Replacement
  3. Hydrant Flushing
  4. Water Treatment Plant & Pipelines

Jetting is the process used to clean sewer pipes. A jet truck uses a high pressure water hose with a nozzle that is pushed a few hundred feet up the pipe then slowly pulled back while the nozzle scours the sewer pipes.

The sanitary sewer jetting program is conducted as a preventative maintenance effort to remove any solids that have accumulated in the sanitary system. Woodbury has approximately 250 miles of sanitary sewer main line pipe, and approximately ¼  of the city’s sewer line is cleaned annually. This routine maintenance helps to prevent blockages and sewer backups.

Jetting is also performed in certain areas on an annual basis, such as near restaurants and areas with known root issues. Jetting is typically performed May through October but can occur any time of the year for various reasons, including emergencies.

Prevent Blowbacks during Jetting

A blowback is a pressure surge that can cause the water in a toilet or floor drain to bubble or blow out. Such a pressure surge can occur during sanitary sewer main line cleaning operations performed by Utilities Division staff. Obstructions, or partial obstructions, in a home’s plumbing vent stack seem to increase the likelihood of an occurrence.  

You can help prevent or minimize the impact of blowbacks when the sanitary sewer main line in front of your home is being cleaned, including:

  • Checking the plumbing vent for your home to make sure it isn’t plugged or capped
  • Leaving the toilet lid down (This helps contain water that might otherwise escape should a blowback occur)
  • Pour water into floor drains (This keeps the smell of the sewer system from entering your home)

If you have questions about jetting, please email the Public Works Department or call 651-714-3720