Ambulance Billing

Ambulance billing services are provided by Expert Billing. If you have a question regarding your bill or to provide insurance information, please contact them at 651-463-3867.

Sliding Fee Scale

The City of Woodbury has adopted a sliding fee schedule to assist qualifying patients in paying for the costs of emergency medical service. To be eligible, applicants must meet certain income and household size limitations. Eligible participants must submit a completed Sliding Fee Application Form (PDF) within 12 months of the ambulance service date.

Household income limitations are outlined in the tables below. Income shall include all taxable and non-taxable income. Income will be verified based on the adjusted gross income from the household's recent tax return(s). Only one discount is allowed for each ambulance run and is applied to an outstanding balance. A copy of your most recent federal income tax return will be required. If the applicant is eligible to be claimed as a dependent on anyone else's tax return, a copy of their return will also be required.

If the applicant has non-taxable income to report, it should be indicated on the application and written documentation should be provided to support it. Applicants shall be required to certify they have no other income or provide information to substantiate the amount of any other income. Any income information provided under this policy is confidential and will not be distributed or used in any other way.

The applicant must submit the claim to his/her insurance provider and the claim processed for insurance payment before consideration of fee assistance. If the applicant does not have insurance, he/she will be required to certify in a written letter that he/she did not have insurance coverage at the time service was provided.


For questions, or to confirm qualifications, contact the city's ambulance billing provider at 651-463-3867.

Eligible Sliding Fee Users

Ambulance Sliding Fee Scale