Water Conservation

Did you know that Woodbury peak day demands of water can reach more than 20 million gallons in a single day in the summer? That is enough to fill more than 30 Olympic-size pools!  

The City of Woodbury recognizes that climate/weather patterns and PFAS regulatory requirements may affect the ability to supply and treat water. That is why the city continually monitors our water supply and is ready to take action to limit water usage and activate wise water restrictions in the summer months.  

Woodbury’s strategic priority of environmental stewardship compels the city to holistically look at all aspects of water. From landscape designs, to evaluating softening to reduce salt in wastewater flows, to naturally managing stormwater, the city will seek opportunities for environmental, social, and economic stewardship. 

Make an Impact 

By being mindful of water usage, residents can make an impact on water conservation efforts in Woodbury. For example, only 1 inch of water per week, including rainfall, is needed for a healthy lawn. Woodbury is a regional leader in conservation and its residents value water conservation and efficiency. Together, by making smart water choices, the community can continue to make a substantial difference on the city’s water needs during times of scarcity.

Monitoring Future Demands 

As part of the Preliminary Engineering Report for the new permanent Woodbury Water Treatment Plant, the city has projected population growth through 2040 to plan and accommodate for future demands. Part of the plan includes bringing wells back online, constructing new wells, connecting them to the permanent Woodbury Water Treatment Plant, and reserving additional land to expand water infrastructure for future growth. Planning now sets the foundation for streamlining the water system now and in the future, as well as maximizing the long-term investment.