Water Wise: Water Efficiency

Water Wise - City of WoodburyThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports the communities pumping water from the Prairie du Chien/Jordan aquifer, may need a new water source in 20 years if water usage continues at its current pace.

Several communities in this region-spanning all of Washington County, and parts of Ramsey and Anoka counties - pump water from the Prairie du Chien/Jordan aquifer, an underground layer of rock that holds water. The DNR has determined the amount of water in the aquifer is declining and is making groundwater conservation and management a top priority. The DNR has developed a groundwater management area for the region to assist in managing sustainable appropriations from the aquifer.

While there is no immediate threat to our groundwater source, it's clear water usage needs to be reduced. To encourage efficient use of water, the Woodbury City Council has adopted a lawn watering policy that features an odd/even watering schedule, as well as a ban on watering between noon and 5 pm each day. For details, view the Watering Policy page.

City Council has also authorized efficiency programs to decrease water wasted on unnecessary irrigation and updated city code to meet state requirements that all irrigation systems must have functional moisture-sensing technology (rain, soil or weather-based). In addition, all newly-installed controllers are required to be EPA WaterSense certified.