Property Line Information

The following are some tips on how to find the iron monument stakes (survey markers) that mark your property lines:

  • Obtain a Certificate of Survey. The Building Inspections office at City Hall may have a copy of the survey on file; send an email to Inspection Services to find out more. You can also contact Washington County Property Records for a copy by calling 651-430-6175.
  • Measure from the curb to where the property corners should be. This is the boulevard width and is typically 13 feet from the curb, but could be 6 to 15 feet from the curb. The survey markers are typically under the sod and you may have to dig for them.
  • Utility boxes, cable TV boxes, and electric utility boxes are typically on, or near, the property line.
  • Rent a metal detector to help you find the survey markers that are buried.
  • Log on to Gopher State One Call, or call 811, or 651-454-0002 to have your utility lines marked before digging.
  • Hire a surveyor to come out and survey your property. The City of Woodbury does not have surveyors to perform this service.