Park Projects

New Parks

As the city grows, new parks are being added to the community. Check out the New Park Projects page to learn more.

Existing Parks

The list below provides information on redevelopment of existing parks and trails. Select a project below to learn more.

  1. Brookview Park
  2. Cree Park
  3. Marsh Creek Park
  4. Shawnee Park
  5. Tamarack Nature Preserve
  6. Ridge Park

The playground structure at Brookview Park was replaced in summer 2022! The park is located at 9699 Bluegill Road. 

Brookview Playground

Trail Projects

Projects include reconstruction segments of trail throughout the city, which are in poor condition and showing signs of severe surface raveling and large sections of trail in need of reconstruction. View a list of trail projects.

Concrete and Parking Lot Repairs

Removal of the current concrete and base material at M Health Fairview Sports Center near the trash enclosure (access to the sports center will be unaffected), Colby Lake Park Building outside off the shelter, and near the Stonemill Farms Picnic Shelter will take place in August or September.

The north half of the parking lot at the Public Works building, 2301 Tower Drive, will be reconstructed. Spot curb repairs will also take place.

Restroom Renovations

The restrooms at Edgewater Park and near the main picnic shelter at Carver Lake Park will be undergoing renovations beginning the week of Sept. 5. They will remain closed until work is completed in early October. Signage will be posted and portable restrooms will be available onsite.

Court Construction

The tennis and basketball courts at Odawa and Cobblestone Parks will be reconstructed including removal and replacement of the existing nets, fences, basketball standards and asphalt. 

The courts at Ridge, Powers Lake East, Bailey’s Arbor, and Fox Run Parks will have the color completely stripped, cracks filled and be repainted. 

Park staff will also be crack filling and repainting at 18 tennis and basketball courts around the city. The courts will be temporarily unavailable while the material dries. Any courts that offer lessons will have work completed late summer. 

Looking for another court to play at during construction? Use the online Parks and Amenities map to find one!