Keep Your Lawn Green While Saving Money & Water

Does your automatic sprinkler turn on even if it's pouring rain? What about if it rained the night before or there's rain in the forecast? You can prevent that!

Sensors are required on all sprinkler systems in Woodbury per Minnesota Statute 103G.298 - Landscape irrigation systems and City Code 23-36 - Lawn and Landscape Irrigation Systems.

Your system must have at least one of the following:

  • Rain Sensor: detects when it's raining and shuts off the sprinkler system. They also reduce wear on your irrigation system because it runs only when necessary.
  • Soil Sensor: detects when enough water is being held in the soil and tells your system not to run. This prevents unnecessary runoff and promotes deep rooting from your plants.
  • Weather-based Controller: uses weather reports and forecasts to tell your system no to run if it already rained enough for your plant and soil type, or if rain is forecasted before your next scheduled run time.

The savings in water charges from the use of a sensor can pay for its cost in the first season.

Batteries in your sensor should be replaced regularly to ensure proper operation.

If you would like more information about sensors, contact your sprinkler supplier, home improvement store, or the Woodbury Public Works Department.