Facilities & Reservations

For information on exclusive use/rental of park shelters/park buildings/athletic fields or trails, contact the Parks and Recreation staff at 651-714-3583 or visit the Facilities and Reservations page.

Commercial Use Permit

Businesses or individuals that would like to conduct business, hold a class, or any other "for-profit" or any type of business activity on City of Woodbury property, are required to have a Commercial Use Permit.

Vehicle Access Permit

Motorized recreational vehicles are prohibited from parks and trails. Private vehicles are not allowed in city parks. For those times when a resident or contractor may require access to private property by crossing a city trail or city property, a one-time Vehicle Access Permit is available.

  • Apply online for a Vehicle Access Permit

Community Work Permit - Public Property

Since almost all property owned by the City of Woodbury was either donated or purchased with City of Woodbury tax dollars for public use, approval or denial of this application will depend on the amount of public benefit associated with the request. Projects that benefit only individuals or small groups will not be approved under the Community Work Permit process. Approval of this application constitutes a legal agreement between the applicant(s) and the City of Woodbury.

  • Apply for a Community Work Permit online

Vendor Applications

Vendors participating in an event to sell food/merchandise or provide services to participants for a fee, as part of an event or tournament held upon City of Woodbury property, are required to have a Vendor Permit.